Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bambi Series

Bambi Grey Lenses (Tsubasa Masuwaka Lenses)

Tsubasa's circle lens creation. She created her own lens a few years ago and now they're selling like cRAzy. These lenses also go by the label Princess MIMI series so don't be confused. Anyway here are a some photos of my own wearing the products and my thoughts and opinion. 

I first came upon them on April of 2011 I bought them on the website. I like this website due to a faster shipping process. But if you don't like the site they are available on all circle lens website now. 

up close without flash

sorry don't mind the ugly lips. But this is how it looks with flash
When the lights are shining directly at them lenses

Usage Modality:  Yearly
DIA:  15.0 mm
Water content:  38%

My opinion

I Love how they look on the eyes. The lenses are the only thing that attracts eye contact from the people around you. 

Lens Comfort

Depending on how often you clean the lenses they will continue to be comfortable. I learned it the hard way by being lazy and only cleaning them when I wanted to wear them. They STUNG my eyes, they felt like chili pepper had gotten into them. So, my advice to you is clean your lenses regularly.


Yes, I would recommend these lenses to new circle lens buyer. This is only if you want to start out with something that doesn't SCREAM BRIGHT COLORS. I love these lenses and the people I know loves them as well. 

Bambi Chocolate Brown Lenses

These are another one of the lenses she had also created. This color is least popular compare to the grey ones to what I have seen so far. 

From further away
These are the second pair I've ordered along with the grey ones. 

A photo with flash
when the lights are shinning on the lenses

Usage Modality:  Yearly

BC:  8.7 mm

DIA:  15.0 mm

Water content:  38%

My Opinion

I too Love these lens too but at the same time my natural eye color is brown and I like something that adds color to my beige skin. The part I love about these lens is that they add an interesting bright brown color effect to your eyes.

Lens Comfort

Like I said earlier in my blog, it really depends on how often you clean your lenses. The first time you put them on they feel very comfortable and they don't have that feel of sliding around your eyeball. So, definetly a yes comfort on that. 


YES!, I would recommend these lenses for buyers who likes to stick to brown color lenses but with a hint of brightness to it. They really do bring out the brown in your eyes. 

Here are a couple well known websites if you would like to purchase a pair.

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